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Available Puppies

Ruger (Adopted)

Ruger is the softest, cuddliest, Labradoodle puppy in the world.  This little boy is all about being held. When he is playing with his brothers and sisters, he is super energetic.  But, when it is cuddle time at night and you are watching a movie, he will sleep on his back in your arms.  


Ember is one of puppies that comes along once in a lifetime. She has eyes that melt your heart.  She will sit at your feet, tilt her head, and look at you with those bright puppy dog eyes.  It is no wonder she always gets all the treats. Ember has all black wavy hair and a black nose. She looks like a teddy bear. Ember learned quickly how to use the puppy training pads and was one of the first to potty outside. She is so smart.


Are you looking for a smaller puppy? Julia was one of the most petite puppies in her litter but that never slowed her down. She might be small but she is quick. She is all over that big red rubber ball in the backyard. When most others are taking a nap, she is ready to play.  Whether it is tug of war with the rope,  or a game of "get the treat out of the toy" she has the energy of three puppies. A true case of great things come in small packages.

Jack Jack

This boy stands so proud. It is like he thinks he's the king.  He has a super thick and wavy light colored teddy bear coat. Jack Jack has never met a stranger. He goes right up to people like they are there to see him. His tail never stops wagging, and it even looks like he can smile. If you are looking for a watchdog, Jack Jack is not your boy.  He is more of a take me for a walk kind of guy. 


Lizzy for short, knows she is gorgeous.  Most of the time a puppy will not tolerate a bow in their hair or on their collar but not Lizzy. She is different. She appears to walk proud after she gets a bath and is all prettied up. Not a girl that likes to fetch sticks, or play in the creek. She is more of a go for a walk and smell the roses and everything else along the path, kind of girl.  Not much of a runner, but a fast walk perhaps.  With her by your side, you can expect plenty of "that's a good looking dog" comments.


Originally named Michael, now Mike, is black with white markings on his chin, chest, and toes. He is a real looker.  Very serious at times, just before he runs for a ball or picks up a toy, he stops and looks at it for a second or two. Mike's mother is a yellow Labrador Retriever and his father is a standard Parti Poodle (black and white). You can expect Mike to get additional white hairs on his body. Eventually he will have more of a salt and pepper coat and look real sharp.


Remy is a perfect example of a Labradoodle. Super smart and well mannered.  He has the most perfect teddy bear coat. A true mix of a Labrador retriever and a Poodle. This non-shedding, hypoallergenic boy is the perfect puppy for any family. He should reach between 55 and 65 pounds. He is already spoiled. He just loves to be held and will fall asleep in your arms. A companion of another dog or a human brother or sister would be perfect for him.


Smokey has a super wavy, soft, and completely cuddly coat. Like a black teddy bear, he'd like to be held on your lap or chest and you could both take a nap. He is a bit curious. He would like to get to know one of our cats better. Midnight, our cat isn't interested. This little boy will fit into any family.


Bear has the lightest colored coat in his litter.  He is however, much more than just a cute white fluff ball of love.  A very calm and gentle little boy. He is working on his outdoor potty skills and starting to master the art of sit and stay. He doesn't mind bath time and is getting used to the hair drier.  Both are good things because he is still a little bit of a messy eater.  He'll start walking on a leash soon and going on car rides, so he'll be ready to go to his forever home just in time for the holidays. (Dec. 15th)


Grant and Smokey look very muck alike. They both have white markings on their chin and chest. Unlike Smokey, Grant doesn't seem to care about the cats in the house.  He is more into his chew toys and the grandchildren's toys (toys that he thinks are chew toys for him).  Grant is extra gentle around the grandchildren.  He might make a good therapy or emotional support dog.


A real princess, Henrietta is amazing.  She poses for pictures, a real supermodel. She should be wearing a tiara and gown. She is happy wherever we go. People everywhere stop us and ask if they can pet her. She is especially calm with little children.  She is growing up with other adult dogs and cats. She will fit nicely into any family

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